Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Even The Thought of It..

My life,
You see, my life was messed up. I've been led on, cheated, left hanging and even pushed away by either my own fault, or their personal wish to do so..
Only leading me to be fucked up person, a monster, which even I could not believe what I turned into.
The amount of things I did, the increase in smoking, screwing with peoples hearts, sexually using people and even the peer pressure of taking mild drugs were a few of them.... 
Imagine waking up in the morning havin an oxymoron feeling, nothing but anger AND excitement to fuck around with someone's life and my own as well.. to do it daily like brushing my teeth, only making my day "better" or it just SEEMED better.
but if you believe me, I do NOT regret my actions..
People have asked me, "Josh, what happened to you?"
I used to reply, " Living life, what do you think?"
It. was. so true.. as I did enjoy every moment of it. The burst of excitement, the mental passport to anything you feel like doing without a dash guilt whatsoever..
but to the main point of this post, I believe that things have changed now. Not to say that I miss it but its like removing a part of something that was ever so dear to you. Like taking a loved one from you, drug addicts without their fix, or a dancer without music.
It was a part so strong in me, now it's just. slowly. brushing off my shoulders..
Freedom of actions to actions with restrictions.
But there's something that I've always believed in.. Its's an old saying, stating that
 Life is fair.
Do you think so? cause I know that I do..
it's what I believe in, it's what carries me, forever that way, and always that way it'll be.
Its like I want it but I dont want it...
Even the thought of it.. is scary..
But I am thankful for everything that I have now.
and I'm accepting it as it's best for me..
and I have my baby girl to thank most.
Thanks E.
Without you I'd still be a wreck...


Monday, March 22, 2010

Hennessy's Artistry at The Opera, 2010.

Yes! I went for the H-Artistry this year....
Wasnt like anything when I went to the one in Heritage Row the first time..

This was back then btw.

This year, it was in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid area.
The place was a lil small with a few floors which kinda made it difficult to move around and all..
No dance floor btw.. it was a kinda sad..
but overall the free flow of Hennessy mixtures were awesome. lol.

Guests From around were:
Joey G, (Emcee!)
Bunkface, (Local band.)
Shawn Lee, (Beatboxer.)
DVJ G MIX, (Some DJ.)
DJ Sarasa, (DJ from Japan.)

The DJ's were damn cool especially Dj Sarasa
and Shawn Lee was awesome as well.. Small dude, Big sounds..

I went with a friend Yunsin cause Samuel Chew decided to give us the passes..
So yes we started the night I guess....

Yun. She looks like an Alien.

The main four, Yun, Me, Victoria! and Sam.

You can "learn" how to mix-up with Hennessy there.

Some of our friends there Amir and Jake.

Free Flow baby!
but Hennessy mixed up with either apple juice, ginger beer, berry flavours, citrus and green tea.
(The mix with green tea rocks btw)

Eugene Chew..

Some friends at our table. (I look freakishly bad here) :(

See how small the place is? sad. Notice Bunkface up front?

BUNKFACE. I may not be a BIG fan, but they did do well..

The beatboxer Shawn Lee.
Malaysian representative, #9 in the World after competing at Berlin.
The small dude, big sounds. really.. big.

Joey G, the Emcee.

OH, Charlie Gan was there.. second from right. My really close friend.
and Wan Chee on my right.

Wan Chee & Charlie Gan.

DJ Sarasa from Japan.
Im so happy I got a photo with her. Caught her leaving The Opera walking outside.
She was awesome.

After everything. Notice the sweaty faces. lol.

Hennessy's Artistry, what a night... ;)

Well, I guess that's about it.
The music was good, drinks on the house, good company, good exercise.
It was rather good in general I guess.
I had my fun.. I really did..
(hope I get to the next one)

So here's me saying, Go all out to get to the next one..
It's worth the shot..

That's all from me..

I wish my baby girl was there.. sigh..
(vacationing in China for 9 days) ♥


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

I've never liked Nokia. Infact I hated the brand.
but yeaa, things change..
I discovered this model through my girlfriend as she got the Nokia 5530 Xpress Music recently..
I didnt give much of a damn at start.. but after a while I got really fascinated at its features.

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music

Heres a lil Info..
Form: Classic with full touch
Dimensions: 104.0 x 49 x 13 mm
Weight: 107 g
Volume: 68 cc
Full touch interface
Display and 3D
Size: 2.9"
Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels
Up to 16.7 million colours
AFFS technology
Brightness control

Touch input methods
- Full screen QWERTY
- Alphanumeric keypad
- Handwriting

Available in-box colours:
- Black with red accents
- White with blue accents
- White with yellow accents
- Black with grey accents
- White with pink accents

3.2 Megapixel Camera
27 hours of continuous music playback. Mhmm..

Just a simple small, light & handy phone.

I quite Jakun to be honest. I just didnt believe was I was paying for..

Depending on where you get it prices can range from RM820 - RM1099.
So watch out.. be smart to avoid AP's.

I'd recommend it.. It's worth the money.
but if your rich and just rich go buy an Iphone alright?
Dont read this.. Lol.
for more info..

Take Care!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shall I say that I'm back or Shall I say that I'll Make it Back?

Hey ya'll, I guess i've not been blogging for ages (4months?)
I dont know if I should feel bad or happy, but i'm trying to keep up again.
To my past readers hope you all will come back, read, share your thoughts
and experience this with me once again.
Since I've been out of order for months, there were TOO many things that have happened.
I got a lil in mind now but I'll add more in time..
I love you guys if you're actually reading this..

I've been out drinking, as usual. ;)

I've had one the most awesome, sentimental New Years with some friends.

Road Trips! to Malacca and more.

Played Snooker.

Got weird photos taken of me.

I met someone special, the ring on fingers speaks for us.

My baby girl, Esther koh.

Cebrated her birthday with some friends.

My best of best friends came back from Aussie. (far left)
Had a good time with you buddy, missed you like a bitch. Still am.

Celebrated Alloy's birthday. Another Bestie.

Pierced my Brow. ;)

Wore a farmer's hat. For....

Fishing of course. lol.

Caught a shit load of fish.

Played LOADS of foosball. New Addiction.

Someone wrecked my car. Fuck him.

Got my balls stirred in One Utama.

Ate Durian. Yum.

Ate sushi with some very new Friends of mine. ♥ u  guys.

I guess that concludes my lil escapades.
and well,
My Diploma Finals are near. I'm really scared.
Wish me luck, I pray to god for my papers.

I need luck for everything too.
my baby girl, life, and bringing this old blog to life again.
I need as much as I can get I guess.
Thanks for reading. It means alot to me.

Shorty less than three's sepet.
Folie a Deux..